What we are today comes from our
thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts
build our life of tomorrow.
Our life is the creation of our mind.

- Buddha -

Feng Shui: essence and purpose

Feng Shui is an ancient healing art form/science that originated in China at least five thousand years ago. Feng Shui derived from one of the oldest books called the I Ching (a book of divination). From the I Ching also came the sacred Ba-gua; an octagonal tool applied by superimposing over home/building and garden/landscape plans. The Ba-gua is used as a study guide to interpret the various energies in a space; from this we can determine the personal recommendations. When Feng Shui is implemented you will tune into the natural flowing energies and become aware of how supportive your environment can be. These energies are a creative direct reflection of your conscious and unconscious thoughts manifesting your physical space. All your objects and material things are subjects of ones belief systems, with each item radiating to a different vibration. If you think for just a moment about the tremendous impact our surroundings have on us daily, you’ll realize the true potential available by incorporating Feng Shui into your space.

Because it is our basic nature to want to live in harmony, Feng Shui addresses how our environment influences our life’s work, health, finances and relationships. It gives us the tools to enhance our space by using harmonious formations, appropriate colorations, natural finishes, flowing passages, and producing welcoming approaches/entry’s.

As we aspire to coincide with the laws of nature,
and flourish in her wonder, the magic of miracles,
come forth to fruition.

- Rkachea -

The intention is to make the vibrational patterns in your space completely supportive of how you want to live your life and accomplish the goals you have set for yourself. Feng Shui can also encourage you to have insights into the interconnection between all things and understand the deeper meaning of harmonious balance. Feng Shui works to create increasing prosperity, better health and uplifting relationships that result in greater well-being.

Cease seeing with the mind
and see with the vital spirit.

- Chuang Tzu -

Our world is primarily based on technology therefore we suffer from the loss of our once known deep connection to nature. This causes many challenges and obstacles in our daily life, for this reason Feng Shui methods were developed to assist us in bringing back a greater balance. Practicing this natural science is especially essential at this time of much needed positive change. Feng Shui methods transform the unwanted chi (cosmic flow of energy) into more empowering and productive energies.

Chi: dynamics of Feng Shui

Chi is made up of waves of particles, which move through space and objects. These energies around us are continually changing and in a constant state of motion. Feng Shui allows us to evaluate the chi of the space and how it is affecting the lives of the people connected to a particular place.

Space Clearing: an essential process

Space Clearing is the purification of chi. The cleansing of old, undesirable, toxic or damaging energies opens the way for the new intensions to be facilitated with much deeper continuity.

In-depth Services

  • Residential & Commercial Design
  • Garden & Landscape Design
  • Site & Space Clearing

Healing Modalities

  • Energy Clearing
  • Reiki I & II Therapy
  • Ho Opono Opono

Rkachea: Experience and Services

Rkachea is a Healing Architectural/Feng Shui Consultant. She has a Masters Feng Shui Certification from the BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program in San Francisco, studied Classical Feng Shui at the International Research Centre in Boulder and attended two international Feng Shui conferences. In 1995 she began her study of Feng Shui and has practiced residentially/commercially since 1997.

She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Environmental Design and a Master of Architecture degree. She practiced architecture for over a decade before pursuing her career in the healing arts. Her current life’s work journey began in 1994 when her search to combine architecture with spirituality led her to Egypt. There she studied what had remained hidden for thousands of years: the secrets of Healing Architecture.

Her analyses are made and adjustments recommended through the use/knowledge of Chinese astrology, dousing, geography, geomancy, healing architectural design, metaphysics, numerology, physiognomy (face reading), sacred geometry, space clearing, and much more.

Rkachea skillfully provides quality Feng Shui consultations to allow for the balancing and maximum potential of energies in their environment. Through the use of ancient formulas, she produces solutions for contemporary designs, bringing personal success and transformation for the highest good of the individual.


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